Introduction to Koine Greek

John 1:1 (Greek)

Beginning Tuesday September 15, 2020…

In our study on Tuesday evenings, we’ll cover the basics of New Testament Koine Greek including:

  • The Greek Alphabet
  • Erasmian Pronunciation
  • Basics of English and Greek Grammar for Nouns and Verbs
  • Greek Vocabulary
  • Interacting with Greek in Interlinear Bibles or Bible Software
  • Word Studies and Examining Bible Verses in Greek

The purpose of this class is to enable students to access study tools which require some knowledge of Greek. The course will not prepare students to read the Greek New Testament independently but the course can serve as a foundation for further study to read Greek if desired.

Enrolled students can connect to the class materials here.

Course Outline

Introduction and Basics

Week 1 – Orientation and Introduction

Week 2 – Greek Alphabet

Week 3 – Pronunciation


Week 4 – English Grammar (Nouns)

Week 5 – Greek Grammar (Nouns)

Week 6 – Prepositions


Week 7 – English Grammar (Verbs)

Week 8 – Greek Grammar (Verbs)

Week 9 – Greek Grammar (Verbs, continued)

Word Studies

Week 10 – Tools for Word Studies

Week 11 – Word Studies

Week 12 – Your Word Studies