Koine Greek Resources

Our main textbook is Greek for the Rest of Us, Second Edition by William D. Mounce. Books will be provided to students attending the class. To get the most out of this study, you should ALSO STUDY OUTSIDE OF CLASS several times per week for at least 20 minutes per session. If you only think about this once per week then it will not be very effective. This page has a wealth of FREE resources to assist you with this. There are numerous lecturers available via video recording. Find the one(s) who resonate best with you. These have been selected because they use the same pronunciation scheme and are kind of fun.

Students enrolled in the class can access the class materials here.

Disclaimer: These lecturers might occasionally make theological comments with which we don’t necessarily agree. Most of the material is about the Greek language. Be a critical thinker.

Supplemental Materials for the Greek for the Rest of Us Book

Vocabulary for each chapter (PDF)

On the Bible Study Greek page, there are various free resources for each chapter such as audio pronunciation of vocabulary words, some free video lectures and screencasts, and other downloads. (NOTE: Some of these videos are unavailable for free.)

BiblicalTraining Course
The relevant course is entitled Greek Tools for Bible Study.
The course is also available in a web browser but you must create a free account to enroll. There is also a free BiblicalTraining mobile app (Apple iOS or Android) which allows you to access the lectures.

(Note: The professor makes some comments in the first lecture about Mark 16:16 and baptism with which we strongly disagree.)

Interlinear Bibles

Setting up FREE Logos Bible Software to Study New Testament Greek

Daily Dose of Greek
These are short videos each examining one New Testament verse in Greek. The professor reads the Greek, translates into English, marks up the text, explains, and inserts brief grammar lessons/reviews relevant to the verse.

Listen to the New Testament read in Greek.

New Testament Read in Greek

Other Koine Greek Lesson Series

World Video Bible School: John Moore presents a course on New Testament Greek.
Lectures Supporting The Elements of New Testament Greek by Jeremy Duff
Jonathan Wilkins – Learning New Testament Greek
Free Accompanying Grammar:
An Introduction to the Grammar of Koine Greek
New Testament Greek for Beginners – Machen
New Testament Greek for Beginners by J. Gresham Machen
is in the public domain and available as a free PDF download.
Basics of Biblical Greek – First Year Greek Lectures
Free Digital Memrise Flashcards
Greek for the Rest of Us Screen Casts